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New packaging
Shaped stickpack

New stickpack!

  • excellent packaging for usage
    during activity
  • customized shaped cap
  • no dripping once opened
  • easy tear-off

Pouch Alliance develops, mixes and fills liquids in flexible packaging.

Pouch Alliance develops liquids such as energy gels, energy drinks, vitamin/mineral drinks, protein drinks, isotonic drinks, concentrated lemonades, syrups, diet drinks as well as drinks for medical purposes. We offer formulation advice and, based on our experience and expertise, offer complete customized formulation development.

Pouch Alliance mixes all above mentioned liquids and other liquids on request. Mixing is being performed following high standard quality guidelines and using raw materials from certified acknowledged suppliers.

Pouch Alliance fills liquids in a diverse number of different flexible packaging types. These vary from spouted stand up pouches to single serve packaging and plastic tubes. Solid packagings, such as bottles, are also available upon request.

As a non-branded manufacturing company, we focus on custom specific formulation development and packaging of private labels and A-brands. Our customers range from international companies to national brands. We produce small production runs (10.000 units) as well as large batches.

Developing, mixing and filling is all being performed at our production site in Wormer, The Netherlands.